Shut Down Your Window Computer With 10 Amazing Ways

Here our article is about the different ways of Shutting down Window PC. It is a simple task, in this article we will tell you some different ways of shutting down a PC or System. Which make this task more interesting for you. So get ready to know these amazing ways to shutdown your PC in short time.

Different Amazing Ways To Shut Down The Windows Computer

A user just need to apply these ways which mention below. just follow these different types and then do yourself on your PC. It will work almost in all type of Window versions such as Window 7, Window 8 and Window 10

  • Shutdown Computer using the Start Menu.
    It is the way about which we already know, This is one of the simplest way of shutting down Window PC. It works almost in all versions.
  • Using Alt+ F4 Keyboard Button
    You can directly shut down your window PC from pressing Alt + F4 key, Press ALt+F4 and select Shutdown. Now you just need to click on the Ok button for shutdown your PC.
  • Shutdown from Run Command
    Open Run program by pressing Win + R key. Now type shutdown /s and press enter button.
  • Shutdown from Command Prompt
    Open Command Prompt in your Window PC, just press Win + R key. Now type cmd and press enter. There is a Command Prompt screen will appear and type there shutdown /s and then enter. your PC will be shut down.
  • Shutdown from slidetoshutdown.exe program
    Press Win + R from your keyboard  to open Run program window. Then type slidetoshutdown.exe and press enter.
  • Win+X key in Window 10
    This shortcut only works in Window 10. Press Win + X key choose Shut down option and then enter.
  • Shutdown from Lock Screen in Window 10 
    Here is one more way  to shut down on Windows 10 OS. Which is shutdown PC from lock screen.
  • Shutdown from Shortcut Icon
    First Right-Click on the desktop screen and select New> Shortcut.
    In the location field, type the following command: %windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 0, Then Click on Continue.
    This shortcut works in all type of windows versions.
  • Shutdown from Android Mobile – Unified Remote
    Here is also an another amazing way and which is shut down with android device. So for this first, Download Unified Remote android app. Now Read this guide for setup Unified Remote app in PC. You can operate your PC from this app and can give the direct command for the shutdown.
  • Shutdown from Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
    RDP means Remote Desktop Protocol which allows you to operate your PC from other devices like android,iPhone, mac, and tablets etc. Just Download Microsoft RDP app to use your PC/ Laptop on your android phone.
  • So these are the amazing ways to shut down your PC/Laptops. Just follow and apply on your PC.+

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