How To Keep Whatsapp Status Online Always on Android

We all knew about whatsapp and we have used it every day for messaging. Whatsapp Messanger is most popular App. It is widely used by people all over the world.

How TO Keep Whatsapp Status Online From a Smartphone All The Time

Here I want to tell you something about a trick which I have used but didn’t work. I found it on the internet and I had implemented it. But I found that it is useless. First we have to download GBwhatsapp for this trick. Then some steps which were given on a site have to follow. It was about that how to keep whatsapp status online all the time? So I read about that and had tried to do this. But I was failed to do that.

  1. Steps to keep status online all the time as follow:
  2. First of all, we’ll have to install the GBwhatsapp in our Phone.
  3. After Downloading this Software open it and it’ll ask you to verify your number.
    How To Keep Whatsapp Status Online Always01
  4. Then Enter your number, and it’ll automatically verify your number via OTP code.
  5. After verification of code, enter your name and click on the continue button to complete setup of this App.
  6. Now, you’ll see this app is kinda similar to normal whatsapp Apk, but it have different theme.
  7. Now go to the privacy option and press Menu button in your phone and then select the GB setting option.
    How To Keep Whatsapp Status Online Always02
  8. You’ll see Other MODS option.
  9. Select Always Online option and then OK to restart GBwhatsapp.

According to this Whatsapp status will always show online even when your screen is turned off. I had tried it but did not work. You can also try and if you’ll get any result then please tell about that in the comment box and it you have any other trick “To keep whatsapp status online” then mention here.

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