How to Use shareit to Transfer Files From Phone To PC

Today, there are a lot of application to transferring data and files from Mobile to another Mobile easily and quickly. Because today we all are using smartphone and it has so many amazing features which makes it smart. We had used bluetooth to transfer music and image file a few year ago. But we can’t share any document and large size file with it. We faced these types of problems. But now, there are so many different types of application offered by different companies. Such as xender, sharIi etc.

How to connect Phone to PC with SHAREit

Usually we have used UB cable to send and receive any data from mobile to PC. But when we doesn’t have USB cable and we have any data to transfer or receive on PC/ Laptop. Then what should we do?? Mostly we all have faced this type of problem. So if we can use these application on our PC/Laptop also. Then yes. We can use it on PC.

Here, using SHAREIt is one of the Fastest way to send and receive files between mobile and Windows PC. So here we are going to tell you that How to use SHAREIt on PC to transfer files. For that you should have internet connection in PC and mobile.

Step 1: Connect your phone to your PC by clicking on the top left icon.

How to Use shareit to Transfer Files From Phone To PC

Step 2: You will see the option connect to PC.

Step:3 SHAREIt will ask you to “scan to connect to PC SHAREIt”

How to Use shareit to Transfer Files From Phone To PC

Step:4 PC SHAREIt app will ask for a QR code.

How to Use shareit to Transfer Files From Phone To PC

Step:5 Then scan the QR code from the mobile to connect both devices.

Step:6 After scanning, you will see the devices connected.

Step:7 Now you can send and receive any file or document from phone to PC.

So those are the steps to transfer the data from mobile to PC. This method will work with any smartphone. ShareIt app available for Windows, iPhone, Android phone. So you can transfer files from android or iPhone or windows phone to PC. If You want to change destination folder then going in to settings. Destination folder is your computer folder where you want to store received files.


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