How Can We Create Own Run Commands In Windows- Check Steps

Here is a new article about “How to We Create Own Run Commands In Windows”. We use the Run command (CMD) to instantly open any program or document . There is also an advance feature of  CMD. which is that a user can create thier own command to run any program.

Create Your Own Run Commands/CMD In Windows

So to perform this task you just need to give your shortcut name for any software of your Choice. (For example GC for Google Chrome). So, rather than clicking on icons or using multiple commands, use Run command to access the application.

Here are these simple steps to perform this task,just follow these:

Step 1. first of all choose your software for which the software or application for which you want to make custom Run command.  (Remember one thing, you can choose any application other than which is already define as Run command)

Step 2. Now, right click on the desktop of your system and create a new shortcut.

Right click > New > Shortcut

Step 3. As you create the Shortcut, it will show a dialog box and ask for path of your selected application/ software.

Step 4. Now, you need to browse through the files and choose the one that shows “chrome.exe”.

As we know that all the executable files can be found in the C drive or wherever the OS has been installed, inside the folder “Program Files

For example, “C:\Program Files\Google Chrome\chrome.exe

Step 5. Click on “Next” button and give a relative name to that shortcut. (Keep in mind that the same name will be used later in the CMD)

Step 6. Now, you can click on the “Finish” button. Once this process is done, an icon of that software will show up on your screen. which shows that this task has been done successfully.

There is one thing that you have to done after finishing of this process, just cut and paste that shortcut icon into your computer’s root drive, in its Windows folder. Make sure that you should be the administrator of the computer or have its password.

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