How Can We Access PC Drives and Folders On Android Phone

Here we came with an amazing article with the help of that you can access your PC Drives and Folders on your Android  Mobile. If a user is connected with wifi network, then he will able to access thier shared computer drives and folders from any mobile.

Access Your PC Drives and Folders from On Android

This feature can be used for browsing computer files,  copy computer data and watching movies from android mobile. IN LAN, a user can also access other computer  folder and drives  from another computer.

So here we are going to tell you some simple steps before starting first make sure your PC and android mobile connected with same wifi.

  • If you want to share/access a single drive then right-click on that drive and choose properties option.
  • Then Go to Sharing Tab and click on Advanced sharing option.
  • Now a small window will appear on your screen , check the “share this folder” option .
  • After this take your phone and download ES File Explorer. Open the App and Click on 3 line buttons that shown in below screenshot.
  • Click on Network Section and then choose LAN option.
  • Now click on scan option to connect with your system.
  • After scanning it will ask for PC Username and Password (your system’s username and password)
  • Now click on OK.
  • So that’s it here you can access your Shared PC Drive and Folder on your Android phone.
  • You can also access all your movies and music file on android.

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