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How Can We Disable USB Ports On Windows Via Registry

Today our article about a new trick, here we will tell you that How can you disable USB(Universal Serial Bus) ports on your Windows based computer to prevent other user from taking out your data without permission or spreading viruses through the use of USB or pen drives. Disable USB Ports On Windows Computers Via… Read More »

Some Ultimate Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows Users

Here we came with some Ultimate Keyboard Shortcuts which works on windows operating system. Most of users already aware of these shortcuts like “Alt+F4” and “Ctrl+C”, but these some obscure shortcuts which helps you a lot. Which are not only useful for the average user but for advanced users as well. Ultimate Shortcut Keys For Windows… Read More »

How Can We Disable Startup Programs in Windows 7 And 10

Today we are going to tell you that “How to disable the Startup programs” these are the programs which has automatically run when Windows boots up. These startup programs will start every time whenever you start your PC. How To Disable Startup Programs in Windows To Increase Computer Speed You always Concerned whenever you start your PC… Read More »

How Can We Access PC Drives and Folders On Android Phone

Here we came with an amazing article with the help of that you can access your PC Drives and Folders on your Android  Mobile. If a user is connected with wifi network, then he will able to access thier shared computer drives and folders from any mobile. Access Your PC Drives and Folders from On Android This feature… Read More »

Shut Down Your Window Computer With 10 Amazing Ways

Here our article is about the different ways of Shutting down Window PC. It is a simple task, in this article we will tell you some different ways of shutting down a PC or System. Which make this task more interesting for you. So get ready to know these amazing ways to shutdown your PC… Read More »

How Can We Create Own Run Commands In Windows- Check Steps

Here is a new article about “How to We Create Own Run Commands In Windows”. We use the Run command (CMD) to instantly open any program or document . There is also an advance feature of  CMD. which is that a user can create thier own command to run any program. Create Your Own Run Commands/CMD… Read More »

How To Create a Bootable Windows USB Drive, Check Out The Steps

Now we will discuss about a new topic and that is “How To Create a Bootable Windows USB Drive”. There are several ways to install an operating system (OS) to a computer. Some of the people install it by using bootable CD/DVD of OS. How To Make Bootable Windows USB Drive, Follow Simple Steps But sometimes… Read More »

How Can We Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages And Media Files

Today our post about a topic that is “How Can we  Retrieve Deleted Messages And Media Files On Facebook”  Sometimes we have deleted facebook messages, photos from our profile which is intentional  or not intentional. but once we deleted , it cannot undo or get back. Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages And Media Files But wait,… Read More »

How To Configure WhatsApp Settings To Protect Privacy And Data

It has become an indispensable communication tool for so many of us and have more than a billion of WhatsApp users. While WhatsApp keeps on adding new features and settings there are some which more important for us to configure immediate. WhatsApp Settings To Protect Privacy And Data, How To Configure? Protect Your Data: What… Read More »

How to Stop Auto Downloading of Pics, Videos On WhatsApp

Whatsapp Messanger is one of the most popular cross-platform for  instant messaging. It offers the facility to send and receive instant messages without any extra data charges. Today, over 800 Million users uses the WhatsApp. Whatsapp has upgraded by the company usually. Stop Auto Downloading of Pics, Videos On WhatsApp Here this article is about Save data… Read More »