How To Create a Bootable Windows USB Drive, Check Out The Steps

Now we will discuss about a new topic and that is “How To Create a Bootable Windows USB Drive”. There are several ways to install an operating system (OS) to a computer. Some of the people install it by using bootable CD/DVD of OS.

How To Make Bootable Windows USB Drive, Follow Simple Steps

But sometimes it difficult to install OS when we doesn’t have any of these or can’t take CD’s/ DVD’s be safe for a long period. So to solve this problem here is a trick to make your USB bootable,that can be used whenever we want.

So user just needs to follow some simple steps to make a USB bootable. By reading this article user will get some help to make bootable. First User should have the ISO image of Windows 8 or 7 of which you want to Create Bootable USB.

  • If user does not have Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool then first download and install it.(It is provided by Microsoft Corporation and works with Windows 8 ISOs as well. You can use this tool for all versions of Windows)
  • After installation run it and give the path where the ISO file is located in your computer.
  • Now select the USB which you want to make bootable (Make sure that USB should has 4GB storage)
  • Now click on Begin Copying.
  • After clicking the tool will start creating bootable Windows 8
  • USB installer flash drive using the ISO.
  • Now you will see the message “Bootable USB Device created successfully”, so that’s it you can restart your PC and boot from the USB drive.

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