How To Book Flight Tickets Online Check All Process

Now a day’s people like to travel from one place to another. They also want easier way for booking of tickets for flights, trains and for buses also. You can book these from your home also. You also want to save your time. For this every airline company provides online booking of tickets for your convenience.

Learn Flight Ticket Booking Online

We have provided step wise method for booking of online flight tickets here. These steps are:

  1. Visit the web site of airline from which you want to take your journey. For example we are considering AirAsia for your convenience. First visit the web site The home page of AirAsia web site will appear as given in below snapshot.
    Flight Ticket Booking Online01
  2. Fill the information such as Origin, Destination, number of Passengers and travel date in text boxes. You can also select one way or two ways here. After filling all required details click on Select button. The next window appeared will be as given in below snapshot.
    Flight Ticket Booking Online02
    This window shows flight schedules with fare and arrival and departure time for all flights for the day you have selected for travelling.
  3. Select the flight you by which you want to travel.
    Flight Ticket Booking Online03
    Here you can also add bag allowance, meals and can select seats. For this your fare will increase.
    Your Booking Summary will appear here.Flight Ticket Booking Online04
  4. When you click on Continue Button a pop box will appear which asks for your Email Id and Password through which you have registered your name in AirAsia.Flight Ticket Booking Online05
    You can also continue as a guest for further process if you don’t want to register your name.
  5. After you have logged in with your Email Id the window will appear.
    Flight Ticket Booking Online06
    Here you have to fill required information of passenger going to travel. Click on Continue button.
  6. In next step you can select Add- Ons for your journey.
    Flight Ticket Booking Online07
    Click on Continue button, after selecting add – ons if you want.
  7. In next step review and pay step of your booking will appear. Check the details of your booking and after confirmation click on Purchase button.
    Flight Ticket Booking Online08
  8. You can select method of payment like net banking, credit card in next step. Fill your credit card details and click on Purchase button for completion of payment process.
    Flight Ticket Booking Online09
  9. Finally you have booked your ticket. After the complete process, you will get an email from airline considering your ticket details. You can use this email as your ticket at airport for taking your Boarding Pass.

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